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Costa Rica 4x4 Experience

We are the travel agency specialized in 4X4 tours and Expeditions throughout the national territory. Focused on discovering Costa Rica in a different way, where transfers from one point to another are already part of the adventure. Tours for group and individual clients.

Why Us?

We are specialists in what we do

We fully understand that riding the traditional routes is not the same as venturing off the beaten track.

Years of experience

Quality that has allowed us to develop our activity with the greatest security for our clients. It is not just creating an itinerary, it is having it constantly updated, improving it continuously, adapting it to the needs and capabilities of each client.

More than the others

If you’re like us, chances are you’re always wondering, what’s beyond? And that’s exactly where we’re taking you. The most authentic destinations are usually the ones that aren’t very easily accessible and in a country like Costa Rica that translates to a 4X4 experience.

A different product

A destination like Costa Rica certainly has sites that can’t be missed, however, for those looking for something different we have unique experiences to surprise from the youngest to the oldest in the family.


We all have different tastes and needs, and we are very clear about that, from the preparation of the trip to the accompaniment during your stay we will be attentive to every detail so that your trip becomes an experience of a lifetime.

Environmental responsibility

For many, when they think of off-road vehicles the first thing that comes to mind is environmental pollution. We are aware of the impact our activity has and that’s why we take clear measures to counteract the carbon footprint of our tours.

Special Weekends

Adventure and family weekends. Short tours but great in sensations and experiences. Join us on these group tours, live the experience of driving your 4X4 with other 4X4 and Overlading enthusiasts in Costa Rica.

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