Our Team

We are Gustavo Fuentes, Daniela Brenes and an excellent group of guides and collaborators that make each of these adventures possible. We have always been 4X4 enthusiasts, initially out of necessity since we both grew up in rural areas, where the use of all-terrain vehicles is more than a hobby. From then on, and after getting to know the tourist area, we have travelled through a great part of our country with a very particular purpose: to look for new destinations, routes, towns, tourist attractions and mainly a more direct contact with the people. It is not only about the 4X4, but about how far you can go when you leave the “easy” roads and really take the reins to discover the destination from its most authentic and real side.

Daniela Brenes

Land Cruiser Prado 150 series
Responsible for all the logistics and operational part of the tours. With her experience in travel agencies there is no detail that escapes her to generate a perfect experience.

Gustavo Fuentes

Land Cruiser FJ45
His years of experience as a Naturalist guide has allowed him to get to know the most beautiful corners of Costa Rica. Achieving the ideal mix between the essential and the most authentic.

Macario Fuentes (Don Macario)

Land Cruiser 80 series
Years of off-road driving experience made it an essential piece of equipment for venturing out to discover new routes and destinations.